Personalized training programs based on comprehensive sport psychological analysis for the following topics:



Self-assessment practices – accurate and effective


. Action and performance goals

. Strengthening your strengths

. Coping with success and failure



Self-talk regulation and think alouds –

conquering your ‘weaker self’


. Conscious inner dialogue

. Performance-oriented cognitive and communicative patterns

. Stress coping strategies – planning for critical situation



Activation and arousal – basis for peak performance


. Arousal – peaking at the right time

. Focused attention control according to your needs (centering)

. Rest/recovery periods between training -

  relaxation and motivation strategies



Concentration – simply conscious, hitting the mark


. Reacting smartly to situational stimuli

. Learning how to concentrate in a playful way

. Improving your coordination


Reaction and creativity – being a touch quicker


. Enhancing your room for maneuver for creative moments

. Cross-functional and complex thinking

. Interconnectedness of body, mind and emotions in our actions



Mental imagery and visualization – victory starts in your mind


. Mental coaching in tactics and techniques

. Playing through/acting out scenarios

. Relaxation methods – internalization of efficient patterns



Routines and rituals – boosting your confidence


. Detailed planning and carrying out of personalized

  processes and actions



Team building – peaking together


. Improving team dynamics

. Benefitting from individual strengths

. Verbal and nonverbal communication

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